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Alacati Laminate Flooring

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Product Name : Alacati

Product Code : FS026
Brand / Origin : Floorpan / Europe
Collection : Sun
Thickness : 8 mm
Abrasion Resistance / Class : AC3 / 23-31
Usage : Residential / Commercial
Sq/ft per Case : 25.55 sqft
Number of Planks per Case : 10
Case Weight : 35.27 lb
Planks Dimensions : 1205mmx197mm / 47.44in x 7.75in

Properties of Floorpan Laminate Flooring

Superior Features of Floorpan Click Laminate Flooring

  • The flooring panels can be reused due to their assembling and disassembling system.
  • They can be fixed in a short time in showrooms, stores, windowshops and exhibition areas, giving the possibility to make changes in decoration.
  • Since all four sides of the Floorpan Click laminate flooring are impregnated, they are resistant to humidity.
  • It is time and cost saving due to its quick and easy fixing characteristic.
  • Since no glue is needed for fixing, it remains spotless and clean.
  • The perfect locking technology of Floorpan Click laminate flooring provides a smooth floor which does not display openings with time.

Since the secondary parts resulted from forest maintenance and thinning, as well as the trees grown in plantations are used for the production of this laminate flooring, it is not harmful for the natural forests.From this point of view the laminate flooring is an environmentally friendly product. The laminate flooring consists of four basic layers.


1) The Overlay Layer is the transparent film layer which has the function of a shield against the mechanical effects of encountered in the usage area.

2) The Decorative Paper Layer is the layer printed with various wood designs and which gives the laminate flooring its natural wood look.

3) The Carrier Panel, HDF (High Density Fiber panel),

4) The Balancing Layer, is the paper layer which balances the form of the HDF panel and, at the same time, protects the product against the humidity and dampness coming from the ground.

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