- Why should I choose our Laminate Flooring?
The innovative, quality, reliable and environmentally friendly Floorpan laminate flooring products add comfort to your living spaces with their rich color and design variety.

- Of how many layers does the Floorpan Laminate Flooring consist?
It consists of four layers (overlay, design paper, HDF, balancing paper)

- How is the laminate flooring system we sell?
It is a floating system (without doing any glue or nail fixing)

- Is laminate flooring hazardous for health
No, it is not hazardous for health because our laminate floorings have the E0, E1 and CARB certificates which prove that they are suitable from the health point of view. These certificates indicate that the formaldehyde used here is in quantities which are not a threat for health.

- When the laminate flooring is exposed to sunlight does it fade?
Due to the production technology, the surface of our laminate floorings exposed to sunlight does not fade.

- What is the difference of surface look of Register Collection
Due to its three dimensional look it provides a more natural appearance.